About Us

Advance Telecom is the market leader in Pakistan’s telecommunication industry today. Since we came into existence, we have worked on giving our valued customers the best and latest products at the best possible prices. For this purpose, we made several ventures with different mobile manufacturers, and finally in 2006 we achieved a milestone with the partnership with Nokia. Advance Telecom was well known as Nokia’s official distributor in Pakistan.

Since dealing with Nokia, Advance Telecom and the telecommunication industry of Pakistan have both come a long way. Technology has advanced tremendously and Advance Telecom strives to keep the citizens of the country up to date with the latest gadgets and devices. We believe in providing our friends with the legitimate products along with guarantees that work and accessories to match, plus working with the giant mobile manufacturer on the principles of eco-friendly products.

“Our Guarantees are Real!”


Our distribution network is the largest in the country, and we are continuously working to expand it even further. We have now also included in our range of products genuine accessories that are completely compatible with the mobile phones, and are working with our partners on the principles of eco-friendly products.

As the icing on the cake, we also provide top of the industry support and service centers, located at different places for easy access. Our excellent customer care is what has made our customers loyal to us and give us their most treasured possession: their trust. And we promise to safeguard their interest with the best quality we are capable of.

“We Promise our Customers to Safeguard their Interest & Trust.”