Nokia/Microsoft Partnership

When we partnered with Nokia in 2006, we considered it our greatest achievement since Advance Telecom had started business. After the partnership, we dedicated ourselves to top quality and legitimate products, completely associating our name with Nokia as the official distributor.


The partnership with Nokia has so far been very successful. We have now started a campaign as well for legitimate Nokia accessories that match exactly with the Nokia products that you buy.

Since we joined hands with Nokia, we have come a long way, and during these years, we have managed very successfully to achieve a brand, quality, or achievement award, each year for six consecutive years, making an international claim for our quality and dedication.

“We stand by Nokia for Eco-Friendly, Safe, Top Quality and Genuine Products”

Other than our international awards, we have also achieved a number of awards locally. Advance Telecom has made its name not only in quality and achievement, but also in providing the best possible after sales services for its loyal and valued customers.

Our addition to deal in Nokia legitimate accessories adds to our value, and is another step towards providing our valued consumers with the real products, with warranties and legitimate value. Advance Telecom also stands shoulder to shoulder with Nokia in its campaign to manufacture eco-friendly and safer products.
In addition to Nokia products, we now also deal with Microsoft Lumia series and the accessories to go with it.