Our Philosophy

When we came into business, we provided our consumers with the latest products at the best possible prices. Over the years, as our customers began to trust and rely on us, we decided to give them a promise in return: You are our friends.

With this promise, we moved forward, progressing with the trust of our customers, more than anything else. In 2006, our promise strengthened further with the partnership with Nokia. Through 2015 partnership with Rivo Mobile and the 2016 partnership with Huawei, we continuously strive successfully to keep up our promise and philosophy.

Hence, our slogan became,”Hum Dosto ko bholtay nahin” which means, “We do not forget friends”, in which “friends” are our customers. We then decided to provide our friends the best after sales services, and later, genuine accessories of our partner brands.


Hence, for their belief and loyalty, we have made it our goal to keep them up to date with the international cellular industry by providing them with the latest products as soon as they are released. Moreover, our channel partners, affiliates and corporate partners, are all part of what has helped us reach this position as the nation’s top brand for mobile products. Thus, for all of them, our second promise meaning, “Standing by all Friends in the Voyage of Connections.”