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A new generation mobile phone company

The Company

Advance Telecom, a company that not only operates as the nation’s leading mobile phone distributor and Nokia’s official preferred partner but also we believe to have evolved beyond the rudimentary status of a distributor. We see ourselves and every other entity in the communication business as a partner in the communication model. Advance Telecom joins hands with both the telecom service providers and Nokia, the product producer in forming a communication model which enables the end-users to enjoy the revolution of cellular communication.

Over the years with God’s blessings we have earned a well reputed and distinguished status in the industry through our honest efforts over a consistent period of time. With over a decade and a half of dedicated and devoted efforts we proudly claim to have a significant family of loyal customers and arc connecting with numerous new members each year. Our nationwide network is spread all across, and we are making our best efforts to ensure that we satisfy our customer requirements in all aspects and at all times assuring an effective communication experience.

Pakistan’s Cellular Phone Industry

Telecommunication, one of the leading and fastest growing sectors in Pakistan contributes a valuable share to the economy. Advance Telecom, being a pioneering member of the industry has been playing an important role in the development of this sector. With the trust of our customers, industry partners and affiliates we continue with the efforts of striving for excellence and repeat our feats of numerous industry firsts in the years to come.

A significant industry trend in line with the International cellular market is the rise of the smartphones category and in contrast to this development in the urban sector; the rural geographies are now being focused as serious potentials of a segmented product.

Our Mission

In line with our mission, we continue to maintain our technological edge by bringing the latest mobile phones with excellent backup support of Nokia Care for our valued customers. For the very first time in Pakistan, we have made our local mobile users at par with International mobile users. For the past decade or so we have been a cornerstone in consumer parity that trickles from global mobile users to the local users. Whenever a new mobile phone is launched globally, we ensure that it reaches our valued customers as soon as possible, with adequate pricing and unadulterated products and accessories.

The Years in the Making

The journey of Advance Telecom interestingly precedes the existence of the company itself which came into existence in 2001. Our association with the cellular industry dates back to 1996 when we initially had a portfolio of brands to offer to the cellular phone consumers of Pakistan. Our unchanged principles and business ethics are a source of pride and self-belief when we look back to our history and realize that the very principles that brought about the existence of the company are still prevalent in their true spirit. Our customers have been at the focal of our business efforts and extending an ever reliable relationship through the best of products and services which is our aim and motto.

Our Partnership with Nokia

Our illustrious association with Nokia, Pakistan’s leading brand in cellular phones continues to grow stronger as both organizations have cherished the relationship and the honest commitments to each other. As recognition of our efforts to always stay true to our words we have been awarded by Nokia as their Best Distributors not only in Pakistan but the Near East Sales Unit for the fourth consecutive year, from 2007 to 2010. These accolades and awards are not only a great honor and achievement but at the same time is a self-explanatory testimony to the performance and outstanding deliverables satisfied for a consistent period of time. Our efforts are geared to maintain and further excel with greater achievements in the years to come.

Nokia Performance Awards

Since the very first day we joined hands with Nokia, it was our challenge to ourselves of becoming the best and taking the brand to newer heights with our end of the efforts. Today we can look back and admire the accolades and milestones we have achieved, working in tandem with our partner Nokia.

In 2008, at the Annual Nokia MEA Conference in Austria, Advance Telecom won the “Best Distributor Award of Nokia” for the year 2007-08.

At the Nokia MEA Partners Conference in Dubai 2009, Advance Telecom won the “Sales and Distribution Achievement” Award.

2010 saw us repeat our feat for the third time in a row by winning the “Best Overall Performance” Award from Nokia in Hungry.

A historic moments for the company in 2011, as Advance Telecom for the 4th consecutive year was presented the “Awards for Best Performance 2010” at the annual Nokia MEA Partners Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. This is the first time that any Nokia mobile phone distribution company in Pakistan has achieved this feat.

Our Achievements

Every year our sincerest efforts along with the support of our partners, dealers and customers give us a reason to look back and cherish our achievements that serve as a constant source of inspiration. A few of our humble accomplishments to date are as below:

In recognition of our services and performance, we received the 1st Telecom Excellence Award at the C-Future Exhibition 2006, held at the Expo Centre Karachi, organized by Exhibitor Private Limited, supported by PTA, Ministry of IT-Government of Pakistan and co-organized by FPCCI.

Advance Telecom has been awarded with a Performance shield at My Karachi, organized by the Karachi Chamber of Commerce, Government of Sindh & CDGK for years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011. In 2011, Advance Telecom won the “Best Consumer Choice Award” for the 4th year running from the honorable IT Minister Mr. Raza Haroon at the Annual Consumer Association Award Ceremony held in Karachi. Advance Telecom has won “Best Consumer Choice Award” for the 4 consecutive years i.e. 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011.

In 2011, Advance Telecom won the ‘Brand of the Year Award’ for 3rd year running from the Honorable Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. It was a proud landmark for us and a rewarding gift at the same time.

Our Channel Partners

Advance Telecom honors and cherishes a strong bond with the nationwide dealers and channel partners all across Pakistan. For us our dealers and channel partners are not only business allies but in fact we work as one dedicated team. Over the years, this team has enabled us to achieve great success and we make sure that we invest back in this relationship. Our overseas Partners Conventions are not only excursion trips for our channel partners but we see this as a thorough team building exercise and believe that we are honored to have the presence of such individuals.

Our Corporate Relationships

Advance Telecom has a long and much valued list of associations in the corporate sector of the country. Our business brings us across the leading MNCs and local business entities. Our friendship with our corporate associates/entities has grown in confidence as we continue to deliver on our end of the promise, making sure an effective communication.

Advance Telecom: The Brand over the Years

As a brand of mobile phone distributors, we have always had a unique proposition; our focus of attention from the very first day has been the customer. In fact we take our customers as our friends and always endeavor to live up to the true spirit of an honest and sincere relationship that we offer and always long for. In this ever changing world of communication where changes take place day in and day out we remain undeterred in our stance to provide the best products and services to our customers, our promise ‘Hum Doston Ko Bholtay Nahin’, ‘Friends are Never Forgotten’ is our motto and corporate slogan that we truly believe in.

Advance Telecom and Nokia together

A first of its kind effort was initiated to partner with Nokia in offering official Nokia accessories with a nationwide campaign. Astounding success of the communication efforts made us the trusted provider of original accessories in the industry when malpractices related to adulterated accessories are common. In partnership with Nokia, Advance Telecom offered an opportunity to its customers to win a Toyota Corolla every week on purchase of Nokia handsets. It was an effort to bring the customer close to both Advance Telecom and Nokia, which received great response.

Brand Communication

We further broadened the horizon of our brand’s relationship in the communication world. We see every single entity and individual as a friend and partner in achieving one single goal, making sure communication goes on.

‘Rabtoun Kay Safar Mein Sub Doston Kay Sath Sath’ embodies the essence of the earlier stated message. As distributors we join hands with the telecom service providers, the product producers in the shape of Nokia, forming a communication model that enables all in making an integrated effort to offer the joy of communication to the users. Our role and responsibility in this model of cellular communication is duly recognized and we stand strong in always doing the best to our abilities within our capacities not just as mobile phone distributors but as a partner in this communication world.

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